The Merion Consultancy LLC

CEO and Executive Advisory Services

Consulting on the Psychology of Business and Healthcare Leadership

“Leadership is an
Introspective Journey.”

Graham Ward,
Kets de Vries Institute

What Makes The Merion Advisory Group Different?

Directors of Leadership and Talent programs and Human Resources directors frequently ask: What distinguishes you from the 30,000 or so coaches out there? What is the value added of deep clinical experience applied to leadership and organizations?

As consultants with a psychoanalytic point of view and many years of clinical as well as organizational experience, we bring a unique set of abilities, talents, experience, training, and passion to our work—all of  which can be applied to work in organizations. Our experience brings:

  • A broad knowledge of many types of businesses and an intimate familiarity with the kinds of struggles and conflicts people face each day at work
  • A knowledge of unconscious forces at work—an appreciation that motives the feelings outside a person’s awareness can profoundly affect how they relate as leaders to others
  • An ability to share this knowledge meaningfully and constructively

  • An ability to connect with and work with people from all backgrounds and occupations by forming trusting relationships based on empathy and understanding
  • An aptitude for addressing interpersonal conflicts in business, family or family-business contexts
  • An ability to help individuals and families cope with traumatic events and personal crises
  • A deep understanding of group process
  • A talent for speaking clearly, straightforwardly, pragmatically, and comfortably with individuals and groups
  • An ability to diagnose a problem and deal with it urgently when necessary
  • An awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the intimate relationship—and need for balance—among an executive’s personal life, family life, and public business life.