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Consulting on the Psychology of Business and Healthcare Leadership

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

Benjamin Franklin

About Steven S. Rolfe, MD

A Unique Set of Experiences

In founding Merion, Dr. Rolfe has combined his unique experiences—medical, psychiatric and psychoanalytic training; senior administrative positions in corporate health care; family business advising; clinical work with executives at all levels of the corporation; and individual and team coaching with an international focus—to create a consulting practice that addresses a leader's core emotional concerns, often the main driver of organizational and business decisions. 

As a Consultant

To his clients, Dr. Rolfe is a trusted confidante, initiating practical conversations on the dynamics and challenges of leadership and other aspects of corporate life. His primary expertise in human behavior, motivation and conflict management enables him to help clients better understand and reflect on their priorities and behaviors, leading to improved productivity and effectiveness.

Steven S. Rolfe, MDManaging Principal