The Merion Consultancy LLC

CEO and Executive Advisory Services

Consulting on the Psychology of Business and Healthcare Leadership

“You know, I’ve got a plan that could rescue Apple. I can’t say any more than that it’s the perfect product and the perfect strategy for Apple. But nobody there will listen to me.”

Steve Jobs,
Fortune, 1995

Consulting to CEOs and Entrepreneurs

In our role as sounding boards, we work with CEOs, entrepreneurs, corporate directors and boards, and other senior leaders, helping them deal with the specific personal pressures and anxieties associated with running complex organizations, which include decision making, conflict resolution, interpersonal dynamics and leadership transitions. We understand the intense challenges that present themselves to top-level managers, and what is needed to make leaders more effective. This may involve addressing concerns such as how one is perceived by others, how one deals with stress, and how aspiring entrepreneurs are inhibited because of a lack of confidence.Highly personal and confidential conversations allow leaders time to reflect on the psychological challenges of their business, the interpersonal challenges of leadership and the dynamics of their management teams. Although the CEO may often turn to someone within the organization as a trusted advisor, it is often helpful and advantageous-for him or her to rely on someone outside the organization and its management structure and unencumbered by the day to day stressors of the business; someone able to offer an informed and unique perspective on the distinctive demands and particular strains of leadership, as well as the psychological forces impinging on their businesses.

Leadership Transitions

For CEOs and their executive teams we provide a sophisticated assessment of the functioning and the dynamics of the team as well as assist in integrating new members into the team, safeguarding optimal performance at times of transition.  We assist CEOs and Boards in the succession process, advising throughout the often painful process of leadership change. In situations of planned CEO departure we assist the CEO and Board with their section process. In this capacity we may partner with a more traditional search firm adding value by providing another set of eyes, offering an independent assessment of the candidates, which can help to confirm a Board selection. We serve as an advisor throughout the succession process, focusing on candidate personality, emotional intelligence and cultural fit with the company, management team, and family when a family business is the client. In those situations which may involve an unpopular and extremely difficult decision to remove a standing CEO, we  assist the Board in the process of leadership change and subsequently help in the assessment of prospective candidates, again paying particular attention to ensure their psychological, interpersonal, and cultural fit with the organization. When indicated, we work with the new CEO in an advisory capacity to provide for a smooth and successful on boarding process