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CEO and Executive Advisory Services

Consulting on the Psychology of Business and Healthcare Leadership

Consulting to Executive Teams

Merion advisors perform comprehensive 360 evaluations to assess the functioning and performance of  the senior management team. The Corporate Dynamics Profile (CDP) originally developed by Dr. Kerry Sulkowicz of the Boswell Group serves to generate feedback for individual members and the CEO. It provides a detailed and sophisticated view of team functioning and team dynamics. The process involves confidential individual psychological interviews in the context of careful  observations of the team in action. The CDP assesses the ability of the team to innovate, collaborate, allow for difference, engage in constructive debate, tolerate and resolve conflict, think and act creatively and work toward a common goal. We focus on identifying obstacles to effective performance and suggest concrete approaches to manage resistance to change. We work to provide the CEO and team with specific, actionable recommendations to foster collaboration, reduce counterproductive frustrations, improve morale, and enhance overall team functioning.