The Merion Consultancy LLC

CEO and Executive Advisory Services

Consulting on the Psychology of Business and Healthcare Leadership

 Leadership is Your Bottom Line

“You may be very good in a specific area, but for more general management for leading groups, interpersonal skills become very important—more important than technical skills.”

Daniel Vassala, M.D., Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, CEO and Chairman, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“Self-awareness is the ultimate
business strategy.”

Kerry Sulkowicz, M.D., Founder, The Boswell Group

Creating Solutions to Complex Leadership Challenges

The Merion Advisory Group, led by Steven S. Rolfe, MD, provides customized advisory services to CEOs, senior executives, and leadership teams, on the personal and interpersonal challenges of leading their organizations.

Engaging individuals and executive teams in practical, actionable conversations on issues including team dynamics, corporate culture, leadership development, and management conflict, Merion works to develop the psychological acumen of top management as they lead, strategize, and negotiate on behalf of their company.

Dr. Rolfe is an Executive Coach in the Wharton Leadership Program, Executive Coaching and Feedback Program and is a Principal in Boswell Group LLC based in New York City. He has been Senior Associate for the Kets de Vries Institute based in Paris and London. His global consulting experience includes coaching for the World Economic Forum's Global Leadership Fellows Program. He has been a group executive coach for NGO's with Insead's Global Leadership Center(IGLC).

Dr. Rolfe earned his Certificate in Family Business Advising from The Family Firm Institute. He is Co-Chair of the American Psychoanalytic Association's Committee on Corporate and Organizational Consultation. He is a member of the the Board of Trustees of the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia.

CONFLICTED management teams, corporate culture clashes, uncertain succession planning and unresolved personnel conflicts result in incalculable losses to businesses. We work with committed leaders who are determined to be more effective. They want to inspire people and help their organizations thrive, but feel something is getting in their way, limiting their way forward. Their problem is clearly not lack of intellect, talent, training, or drive. Rather it is most often something about the way they function as leaders and managers that represents the cause of difficulty as well as the opportunity for change.

Drawing on our experience as psychoanalysts with knowledge of business life, our goal is to provide leaders and management teams with problem solving strategies and insights not ordinarily obtained through other consulting methodologies. The psychoanalytic consultant uniquely recognizes the significance of sources of conflict and impasse that are outside of awareness, and facilitates bringing to light these dynamics, which operate powerfully and counterproductively beneath the surface.